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“I have always believed that one woman’s success can only help another woman’s success.” – a famous quote by Gloria Vanderbilt, an American Author, actress, a Fashion designer, heiress and a socialite.

The opportunity to visit a city that abounds in nature’s beauty & runs along the River Brahmaputra, with the Trustees of Rukmani Trust, was like a dream come true for me.

Yes, you got it right, I was slated to visit Guwahati and travel further down to Nalbari district; a trip that had the potential to be memorable and insightful.

Gramiya Vikas Manch, popularly known as GVM was a name familiar to me as I had previously attended “Jiban Jatra” a program initiated by Rukmani Trust for the school students in Nalbari district. I was filled with excitement and looked forward to meeting and interacting with the team from GVM.

We got a warm welcome lead by Mr Deka and a slide presentation of their work thereafter. All through, my heart was craving to interact with a group of amazing mothers who were part of the Livelihood Mission, one that I had so far only heard of. 

As the saying goes, Educate a girl, Empower the world – I was keen to do my little bit to be able to add value to the lives of women & their families. Having previously interacted with many women who have created with a little help marvelous products with their nimble fingers, I was excited to open the world of Crochet Craft where my expertise lay to this group.

Even though I needed the services of an efficient translator to communicate with them, their enthusiasm simply shone through; nothing, least of all the lack of a common language could come in our way!


I make it a point to always carry my Crochet work, without which I feel a certain emptiness within me. Gosh! I was glad that I had something to share with them! The beam in their eyes and the gleam on their faces proved me right. Their interest increased manifold when I spoke at length about the craft and offered viable ideas that would help empower them and create the better version of themselves!


Getting back to the quote I started with, it has been my dream to share my success of being a Guinness Record holder in longest crocheted scarf, to empower other women and to make them successful by sharing my knowledge.


My heart continues to beat filled with hope that these courageous women will go ahead & achieve many new milestones for themselves!


Link to watch the announcement of the record

Stay tuned to this space to read the next blog about my visits to other districts…

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Madhushri Ravi

Madhushri Ravi, a Guinness World Record holder in making the longest crochet scarf (14.089kms) in a team. She has been in the education sector for over two decades and loves to be among children and help them to make an informed career choice through career guidance and be successful and happy in their life.
“The smallest act of kindness is worth more than the grandest intention.” – Oscar Wilde





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