• Previous projects if any & outcome

  • Purpose & outcome of the proposed project

  • Scope of the project & implementation plan

  • Program summary & background

  • Background of the project

  • Project description

  • Geographical scope- state,district,village

  • Project staff with names, id & contact numbers, if any- for ongoing project & similar information for new projects to be submitted before the release of the grant installment

  • Student, manager& teachers- *for ongoing project & similar information for new projects to be submitted before the release of the grant installment *

  • Beneficiary names & payment details, purpose of payment/& location

  • Project period

  • Budget

  • Format of Project report

  • Format of the Audit Certificate

  • Deliverables and mode of capturing data

  • Outcome report

ngo undertaking

The Grantee NGO must confirm that there is and will be no conflict of interest in any transaction and that no Trustee or the family members of Trustees/employees or any organisation have any direct or indirect business interest with the Trust. The Grantee must submit an indemnity in case there is any existing relationship with any individual or organisation which may be deemed to be within the ambit of conflict of interest before the issue of the Grant letter. Suppression of information will lead to forfeiture of the grant & Rukmani Trust has the right to reclaim any grant amount already paid to the Grantee.


·     Preamble
·     Terms/conditions of Grant
·     Purpose
·     Contractual obligations
·     Committed quantitative outcome
·     Disbursement of the Grant
·     Utilization of funds
·     Utilization certificate (UC)
·     Resource partner, if any
·     Submission of grant report

Budget vs outcome

·     Quarterly reports
·     Quarterly progress report (QPR)
·     Project report
·     Contribution from other sources
·     Changes in budget
·     Monitoring & evaluation
·     Condition of grant (COG)
·     Internal systems
·     Book of accounts
·     Procedure for booking expenses
·     Cash payments
·     Interest earned on grant funds
·     Audit by Rukmani Trust
·     Information & publicity (stylebook) monthly blogs
·     Quality health safety & environment
·     Obligations of the Grantee
·     Alignment of grant funds
·     Amendment of the grant terms
·     Representation & warranty
·     Audit/audited statement of accounts
·     Confidentiality & secrecy
·     Indemnity/Indemnification
·     Termination
·     Conflict of interest/breach of contract
·     General provisions
·     Settlement of disputes
·     Governing law & jurisdiction
·     Binding terms

style guide that ngos are expected to adhere to