Gramya Vikash Mancha: Using the internet to empower Assam’s rural girls


GVM has reached out to more than 9000 students in Assam using technology powered education.

Gramya Vikash Mancha (GVM), is a non profit organization working in rural areas of Assam with excluded section of society since 1999. GVM has been working with a vision “ to create a peaceful, prosperous egalitarian and exploitation free society in every village”.

They have been implementing “Integrated approach to technology in education (ITE)”, a project supported by Tata Trusts and TISS, Mumbai in different Government schools of Assam, in active collaboration with state education department, Assam, since 2015. The project was started in 50 Govt. schools mainly in Nalbari, Kamrup and Baksa district of Assam along with 14 models schools, established and promoted by Govt. of Assam in different backward educational block of the state.

Rukmani Trust has been supporting GVM since January 2021 to help them expand to more government model schools in Assam. The main activities of the project are:

1. Teachers training

2. Empower children through training and hand holding support

3. Strengthen linkages between school and community

4. Strengthen network among teachers

Over the past few months, GVM has expanded its reach to about 400 Govt schools. They have covered around 9000 children under the project.

To know more about GVM, visit their website here.


With some relief from the pandemic & ease in travel restrictions the Trustees of Rukmani Trust along with a couple of Resource Consultants recently went on a field visit to the interiors of Assam braving the rains and floods.


Rukmani Trust invites corporates to come forward to support our initiatives in bridging the rural-urban digital divide in the field of education.


Rukmani Trust invites NGOs who share a similar vision to come forward and support the initiatives of the Trust.