Volunteer Profile Preetie Bindra- Rukmani Trust

Preetie Bindra – The Storyteller Behind Rukmani Trust’s Impact

Preetie has been working in the financial information services industry for 17 years in various leadership positions.

Since childhood, she has had a panache for stories and has written short stories and poems. During a conversation with her Professor in ISB, Hyderabad, she discovered that her heart lies in storytelling and so her journey started in blending her corporate and life learning with storytelling.

Preetie has conducted leadership workshops for children through storytelling, helping adolescent children learn diversity, negotiation skills, integrity and problem solving. She also conducts fireside chat for adults where she picks up stories that relate to relationships, parenting, resilience etc.

Preetie Bindra- Rukmani Trust Volunteer Profile

She is an MBA in Finance and trained in storytelling from Kathalaya Academy, Bangalore.

Preetie is conducting English speaking and Confidence building workshops with Choma Eagles. These workshops combine storytelling with theatre and poetry.

This volunteering experience was God sent. I had been wanting to work with children and to be able to use my corporate experience and creativity to give them exposure at par with their contemporaries in private schools and to prepare them to become confident adults. Rukmani Trust has given me just the right platform and the support that I needed to bring my dream to life.

The children have taught me resilience and the ability to smile and fun through my toughest days.






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