Education Triumphs Over Adversity

In the era of 5G and AI, villages in India still lack basic education facilities. I belong to one such village, Malayandipattinam in Tiruppur district, where my family makes a living weaving handlooms. Despite the challenges, I’ve always had big dreams and ambitions for my life.

However, my aspirations were nearly crushed when my family and I were involved in an accident on our way back from my school admission. While we survived the accident, it left us with broken bones and shattered our livelihood. Our recovery was a slow and difficult process, and we often went without food.

After months of recovery, I was ecstatic to finally return to school. I attended the Panchayat Union School up to 5th grade, and I have been a meritorious student since the first grade. However, my high school was located far from my village, and I had to cycle 10 km up and down every day to attend classes.

Despite the challenging commute, I excelled academically and even became the student head of my school. I won first place in an elocution competition, beating out over 400 schools in the Tirupur District. I also participated in many intra and inter-district competitions and won several prizes.

Currently, I’m pursuing a degree in Computer Science while interning at Skills Vertex and helping GHF with administrative tasks. I’m also the Deputy Head of my college’s NSS team and aspire to become the District Collector someday. I’m preparing for competitive exams with my friends and aim to finish my master’s in computer science with the highest proficiency ranking in state-level NSS.

In the future, I hope to build a school in my village to provide access to education for children in my community. I’m grateful for the support I’ve received from GHF and Rukmini Trust in my academic pursuits, and I hope to give back by supporting my juniors’ education through GHF.

– As narrated by Hemalatha, a beneficiary of grant provided by Rukmani Trust to
Goldheart Foundation.

Goldheart Foundation is one of the NGOs supported by Rukmani Trust, which provides financial aid to underprivileged individuals in India. To learn more about our other beneficiaries and our work across the country, please visit

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