Author: Madhushri Ravi

  • The Country Mouse Technology

    The Country Mouse Technology

    “I have always believed that one woman’s success can only help another woman’s success.” – a famous quote by Gloria Vanderbilt, an American Author, actress, a Fashion designer, heiress and a socialite. The opportunity to visit a city that abounds in nature’s beauty & runs along the River Brahmaputra, with the Trustees of Rukmani Trust,…

  • Connect. Understand. Exchange. Empower

    Connect. Understand. Exchange. Empower

    “Computers will become a house for the mouse.”   The line still gives me goosebumps. You may wonder what is so special about this nursery rhym-ish line? I am sure you will concur with my thoughts once you have a little more background.   We were in Baksa district of Assam, visiting some Government schools…