Online learning is helping Keya dream of a brighter future

Keya Sardar is 13 years old and lives in Radhakrishnapur, Birbhum. She studies in class 7 and has been a part of Suchana’s ITE project – a project Rukmani Trust has committed to support – for the past two years.

Keya tells us her favourite subject is English. She hopes to be an English teacher in the future. She also loves to sing, especially Hindi Bollywood songs and Bengali Rabindrasangeet.

Girls get married very young in Keya’s village. Just last week a girl studying only 3 standards above her got married off. People’s reasoning was ‘she’s grown up; it’s time for her to get married’.

Keya hopes that by staying in education she will have a future which isn’t that of her elder peer. She doesn’t want to be a housewife. The ITE project supports Keya and widens opportunities by providing essential technological skills, broadening career paths for her.’

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